Land Rover 300tdi Engine Overhaul Manual PDF

Land Rover 300tdi Engine Overhaul Manual PDF

This engine is fitted to the following Models from 1995 onwards:

How to use this manual

To assist in the use of this manual the section title is given at the top and the relevant sub-section is given at the bottom each page. This manual contains procedures for overhaul of the engine. For all other information regarding adjustments, removal of oil seals and engine, consult the Repair Manual for the model concerned.

This manual is divided into 3 sections:

  • Description and Operation,􀀀
  • Overhaul and
  • Data, Torque & Tools.

To assist filing of revised information, each sub-section is numbered from page 1. Individual items are to be overhauled in the sequence in which they appear in this Manual. Items numbered in the illustrations are referred to in the text.

Overhaul operations include reference to Service Tool numbers and the associated illustration depicts the tool. Where usage is not obvious the tool is shown in use. Operations also include reference to wear limits, relevant data, torque figures, specialist information and useful assembly details.


  1. Top compression ring
  2. 2nd compression ring
  3. Oil control ring
  4. Piston
  5. Gudgeon pin circlips
  6. Gudgeon pin
  7. Connecting rod
  8. Brake servo vacuum pump gasket
  9. Core plug
  10. Connecting rod bolt
  11. Big-end bearing shell
  12. Push rod
  13. Cam follower slide
  14. Roller
  15. Cam follower guide
  16. Guide retaining bolt
  17. Dipstick
  18. Dipstick tube
  19. Dipstick tube bolt
  20. Camshaft
  21. Oil jet tube
  22. Drive pin
  23. Camshaft thrust plate
  24. Camshaft bearings
  25. Main bearing shell
  26. Baffle plate
  27. Core plugs
  28. Oil pressure switch
  29. Thermostatic valve assembly
  30. Oil filter head
  31. Fuel lift pump
  32. Fuel lift pump gaskets
  33. Spacer – if fitted
  34. Brake servo vacuum pump
  35. Crankcase breather pipe
  36. Oil filter head gasket
  37. Baffle plate gasket
  38. Oil filter element

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